Our philosophy is to support individuals and organisations to learn and develop in order to achieve their potential. We do our very best to make sure you reach your individual, corporate and partnership goals. The idea is to work alongside so that you and your organisation can move up a gear through experiential learning.

It may sound strange but we like to do ourselves out of a job by making sure we leave you able to continue the work we have begun with a good understanding of how we got there so you can carry on without us. This is what capacity building is all about, and we see our job as making sure there is an increase in awareness levels and understanding in all involved.

It helps people to be personally and professionally motivated and effective when they get to see and appreciate results, so we choose to use practical outcomes focussed approaches that make this happen.

Our aim is to help you make sense of things in an increasingly diverse and complex world, by giving you an external perspective and that extra something that creates satisfaction.

Celebrating diversity, embracing change, caring for the environment

At Indras Net we focus on celebrating diversity and using the advantages, strengths and opportunities it brings. We are inspired by perspectives from different cultures and communities of place and interest, and recognise that people with differing attitudes, backgrounds, skills and experiences bring fresh ideas, perceptions and creativity.

We know that change can sometimes be difficult, but that it also brings new chances to do things better and to make things happen.

We don’t just want to minimise our negative environmental impacts, we want to leave the planet in a better state than we found it in! So our policy is to take a hard look at everything we do and see what we can give back.

Indras Net is developing an Environmental Charter. Our major environmental impact is from travel to meetings and the energy consumption in our offices. We record how we travel and minimise our business carbon footprint by using the most sustainable transport options, with particular emphasis on cycling, public transport and car sharing where a car is needed.

We also reduce our energy consumption by using modern and efficient computers, we buy recycled paper and flip chart paper, and reduce the need for meetings by tele or video conferencing, and home working.

We offer reduced fees for charity and community groups and make a financial and pro bono contribution to a local Neighbourhood Partnership.

We like the triple bottom line approach – good for society, good for the environment and good for business.