There are hosts of definitions of facilitation – just try putting “What is facilitation?” into a search engine and take your pick.

Facilitation is about bringing people together and, by good meeting design and management, making it possible for group decision making that achieves your objectives, enabling participants to think and decide together.

Sounds straightforward enough? But how many meetings have you sat through where you are not clear what the purpose is, or a few of the people do most of the talking, and not much is decided (or at least not with the agreement of all) then after the meeting no one is sure what was agreed?

A skilled meeting designer and facilitator will make certain that you save your time and budget by making your meetings count and ensuring the resource is well used. Most importantly the decisions made are implementable because the participants have ownership of them and want to see them happen. If you are involved in any kind of partnership working you’ll know that this is at the heart of success.

Our facilitators have decades of experience in designing and running dialogue processes and individual events where hearing everyone’s views and gaining a level of consensus is critical to the outcome. The events have included evaluations and participatory appraisals, consultations, stakeholder dialogue, strategy development, team building, leadership development and statutory designation processes.