Set up in 2001 by Cathy Williams, the vision of the Net is bringing people together to be their best and get results. We help people navigate through change and tackle new challenges with confidence and clarity.

Cathy Williams

Our close knit network of business associates have all the skills and experience you expect, but what makes us unique is our fresh, inquisitive and inventive approach that keeps things up to the minute and creative – everything is carefully tailored to your situation and needs.

In a world with increasingly complex issues and diverse sources of information, decision making is becoming ever more challenging. Our approach is to use solutions focused and consensus building approaches to tackling this by bringing people together and finding the best from within all of us. We believe in playing from strength.

We seek continual learning and development, working alongside you and drawing upon appreciative inquiry and action learning methodologies to keep our analysis and understanding sound.

Our ethos is dedication to sustainable development for efficient and successful business, improved environment, and a civil society that we all want to live in.